Amanda Jacobson

I was visiting Chicago for the weekend from Michigan in my 2008 Audi A4. I experienced some strange sounds under the vehicle like something was broken or came loose. The nearest Audi dealership was closed so my local friend sent me M&R’s info from previously living in the Lincoln Park area and it ended up being an extremely satisfying and relieving experience. Not knowing a ton of about cars or luxury vehicles, Mike Jr. carefully diagnosed and fixed the issue giving me a couple options for repair based on time, urgency and price. He also essentially gave me a full ‘physical’ of other things he saw since my car has over 100,000 miles in terms of the next type of maintenance and upkeep. I felt very confident that Mike took great care of my car and trusted his expertise and knowledge, he even showed me pictures of the underbelly. I will definitely return to M&R Imports if I have issues with my vehicle again in the Chicago area. Thanks so much, Mike!