María Teresa Jenn

When you need your car serviced, go to M&R Car Import Services. They are THE BEST. No doubt! My family and I recently moved from Virginia to Illinois and M&R Car Import Services came highly recommended by the owner of the place where we serviced our car in Virginia. We couldn’t be happier! Michael Jr. and his team are FRIENDLY. Like other reviewers mentioned, you never feel rushed when you walk in their door. You feel welcomed and listened to. They are also QUICK to respond and to get you in. They are respectful of your time and make sure to service the car efficiently. They took into account my personal circumstances and were kind enough to have my car serviced by Saturday, so that I could come pick my car up without any problem. They are PROFESSIONAL and HONEST. They not only call you or e-mail you (if you prefer) to explain what needs to be done to your car before repairs are performed, but also give you a detailed report (with photos included) of what was done to your car when you come to pick it up. Lastly, they GO ABOVE AND BEYOND. They kindly came to pick my car up when I was scheduled to bring it in because my children got sick and I wasn’t able to. So, don’t give it a second thought. If you are looking for the best auto shop in Chicago, look no further. M&R Car Import Services is the place to go!